The Episcopal Church of the Sudan
Diocese of Cueibet

Origin of Cueibet Diocese

Diocese of Cueibet was created in 1995 out of Rumbek Diocese as a result of rapid growth of the ECS Church in South  Sudan that led to the ECS Province to create more Dioceses for better services and easy management of the Church.

Diocese of Cueibet is composes of three ethnic groups, (Pakam in North East of Cueibet Diocese which is north of Rumbek Diocese, and Gok in central of the Diocese which is west of Rumbek Diocese and Jur-beli in South east of Cueibet Diocese which is south of Rumbek Diocese, that make the map of the Diocese looks cave, this made Rumbek to be the Cross-road by Air or by land to go to each of these three areas  of Cueibet Diocese

b) Population

This is the population in general according to the result census of 2009 and the Christians populations in particular are the recent records of the last synod held in November


Name of Area


No of Christians

Political Name





















c) Situation

When Diocese was created in 1995 these areas were Payams under Rumbek County and before C.P.A. sign, they were promoted into counties.

These three areas are marginalize  areas  politically, educationally and developmentally until the word of God came to the area and spread into the last corner of these areas during the war , beginning from 1990—1995 and these three areas were covered by the word of God and Church started to introduce random education and informal classes were started as an adult literacy in the cattle-camp, Bushes  and villages and this is  where ECS Province was able to encourage the believers by creating a Dioceses including Diocese of Cueibet.

And the first Bishop of Cueibet was Concreted in 1995 and enthroned in the year 1996 outside the main road from Rumbek to Wau Because of insecurity of war between North and South  which had become now the south Sudan. But in 2004 this Diocesan Hqrs was destroyed by youth because of ethnic conflict fighting but when the peace was sign in 2005 we moved to the town Cueibet in the main road to Wau from Rumbek, which was not a town because it was demolished in 1985 by Government soldiers and we started fresh in the plat ground .

 During the War  between North and South , Pakam community were living together with Gok communities in Gok area when they  were displaced by Nuer in 1992 cattle-raiding  until 2004 , before the CPA  was sign,  this is when the conflict  between Gok and Pakam started  between them, it was about 12 years  Gok and Pakam were living  together peacefully under Church  and managing their local conflicts and disputes peacefully and there was a constructive social relation   that led to the high intermarriage between them .

 Church is a peace maker or it can initiate the peace,  reconcile and promote it and there are many examples done by the church, like  Wut-lit  peace initiative which is the famous one

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